• 5 years 15 weeks ago

    We are pleased to be able to offer memorial insurance through Stoneguard Insurance. With very reasonable fees for five year's cover and a very straight forward response to claims they are the market leader in memorial insurance.

    For further information or to arrange cover, please contact us on
    01202 612 110

  • 5 years 17 weeks ago

    I am delighted that Saturday 20th July 2013 sees the company celebrate its second birthday. In these most challenging of times, I am proud that not only are we still operating, but we have taken huge strides forward and grown across all aspects of our business.

  • 5 years 17 weeks ago

    The Managing Director and staff at Chester Pearce congratulate the class of 2013 who have today received their results from Bath University. As members of the inaugural cohort, we know only too well that this is not a straight forward course, and so your achievement should not be underestimated. Warmest wishes and welcome to an exclusive club, its great to have you with us.

  • 5 years 27 weeks ago

    We are delighted to announce that Paul Cuttle has received his accreditation to work as a Cruse Counsellor.

    Paul has been associated with Cruse for some years, but has now completed an eighteen week course to bring his qualification up to date, and we congratulate him on this significant achievement.

    Paul is available not only to clients served by Chester Pearce but to anyone in need of assistance at what is the most difficult of times, and we are proud to have him as part of our team.

  • 5 years 41 weeks ago

    To concide with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, QR Memories produced a plaque to commemorate the death of Harry Witt in Southampton Old Common Cemetery in plot C175/76.

    For further information please visit

  • 5 years 41 weeks ago

    Chester Pearce launches a new service, providing QR Codes for memorials that are then linked to their new website. Users can scan the codes they find on memorials using a smart phone or other smart device, and are then taken directly to the page with information and pictures relating to the person who has died.

     For further information please visit

  • 6 years 13 weeks ago

    Managing Director, Stephen Nimmo took part in a Sky Dive to raise money for Lewis - Manning Hospice on Saturday 11th August. Twelve brave souls took to the skies to raise much needed funds, and all jumped out somewhere over Salisbury. With a seventy second free fall from 15,000 feet, and a further five minutes to the ground, this was an experience not to be missed, and Stephen was delighted to have taken part, and to have raised over £700 for the charity.

    Thank you to all those who supported Stephen with the jump, and for helping raise funds for this amazing hospice.

  • 6 years 30 weeks ago

    The 6th Annual Lewis - Manning Hospice Conference has taken place in Bournemouth.

    Attended by over 120 delegates, the conference addressed the difficult issue of how we can better integrate care of the dying at home, in hospices, hospitals or care homes, with care of the dead.

  • 6 years 42 weeks ago
    I believe very strongly that those with terminal illness, entering the final stages of their lives should receive the highest standard of care. They should have the opportunity to die with dignity.
  • 6 years 47 weeks ago

    On Tuesday 13th December, both Stephen Nimmo and Paul Cuttle were delighted to join their fellow graduates for a ceremony in the Assembly Rooms, Bath to celebrate being the first cohort to pass the degree in funeral services.
    Attended by many family and friends, the ceremony was a very fitting end to three years hard work. It was followed by a reception hosted by the National Association of Funeral Directors, where congratulations were led by Mr Alan Slater, Chief Executive and Andrew Pargetter, National President.