Dejavue Upcycling

At Chester Pearce we have the privilege of assisting many families all of whom bring their own unique approach to the funeral of their loved one. We care deeply about the welfare of our families, and this doesn't end once the funeral is complete. We are always interested to know how people are doing, and what they are doing. One such person is Eloise Flinter. Eloise's Dad, Mike, died in October, and we were honoured to be asked to look after him. He had an incredible service which I have no doubt people will be talking about for a long time to come! One of Eloise's promises to her Dad was that she would continue a project she had started, Dejavue Upcycling, and we are so pleased to learn that Eloise has now opened her shop in the Dolphin Centre in Poole, from where she sells furniture which has received her very unique touch. Of considerable interest to us too, was the workshops Eloise is offering to people, who can come in to the shop, and spend an hour or two working on a piece that they have brought with them. What a wonderful way to spend time doing something creative, but also meeting new people, all of whom, no doubt, have their own stories to tell. We wish Eloise all the very best with this amazing project, and encourage you to visit her Facebook page for more information.