Do you provide pre-paid funeral plans?

Yes. We are unique because we provide fully guaranteed funeral plans. Most pre-payment plans only guarantee the funeral director’s fees and do not guarantee disbursements (the fees payable for services provided by others, such as crematorium/cemetery). This often leaves a shortfall that your family would have to pay when the time comes.

We give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is fully paid and there will be no shortfall when the plan is required*.

We can provide a pre-paid funeral plan tailored to your unique requirements and have flexible payment options. Our plans are provided in conjunction with the Funeral Planning Trust which guarantees financial security. For more information please telephone or email us; we can send you full, detailed information and pricing.

*This is based on the funeral plan having been fully paid at the time when it is required. Our pre-payment plans can only cover the services detailed in the plan schedule; any services required at the time of need that were not covered in the plan will result in additional charge.