Frequently Asked Questions - Questions about the Funeral

This really depends upon where you intend to scatter your loved one’s ashes. There are certain places where you can scatter ashes (sometimes relevant permission is required) and certain places where you can’t. Please telephone or email us and we’ll advise you in relation to your location(s) of choice.

You are welcome to arrange all or some elements of the funeral service yourself if you would like to. We are here to support you, not to take over or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Even if you would just like some advice, please contact us; we are here to help in any way that we can.

Continuity of care is very important to us. With that in mind, the same member of our staff will be responsible for assisting you and your family, from your first contact to the funeral service and afterwards, however long you need us to help you in your bereavement.

Embalming is not always necessary and when this is the case, we do not embalm. However, in some cases it is advisable and in other circumstances it may be a requirement (as is often the case when someone has died abroad). We will always discuss this with you, giving you choice and providing you with our honest, expert advice in relation to the unique circumstances.

Yes, we have private chapel of rest facilities. Visiting someone in the chapel of rest is not a problem at all. If, for any reason we feel it is inadvisable, we will discuss this with you in an honest and sensitive way. The final decision though, is always yours and we will support you accordingly.

Yes. We would need to discuss this with you to ensure that everything meets with the cemetery or churchyard regulations, but we can certainly help you to have a personal, meaningful burial service.

Yes. If you would like the person who has died to be brought home we would talk with you to determine how we can help you to do this safely and respectfully. Please contact us if you would like your loved one to be brought home; we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your wishes.

Whether you are coming to visit the person who has died in the chapel of rest or not, you will always be asked what your wishes are in terms of the clothes that they are to be dressed in. You can entrust us to respectfully dress your loved one or, if you wish to, you and/or other family members can dress them (with or without our help, as required).