Christmas and New Year 2018/19

It hardly seems possible that I find myself sat at my desk on Christmas Eve afternoon, having sent the staff home to their families a couple of hours ago. This year has been remarkable in many ways, but predominantly because of the families we have met for the first time, and been able to support through incredibly difficult times, and because of the families who have returned to us, giving us the privilege to support them once again.
We pride ourselves on treating every family we serve as individuals, and work in the knowledge that no two funerals are alike, simply because they should reflect the individual who has died. In the twenty one years I have been working with families, and the thousands of people I have come into contact with, no two services have been alike.
What a difficult time Christmas can be having lost a loved one, especially for those who are about to spend their first Christmas without that person.
Please be assured, every member of my staff holds you in our thoughts, and join me in wishing all those who we have served a peaceful Christmas.